Wool Carpets without compromises

Natural carpets for a healthy room and living climate:
wool, jute and natural latex are pure natural products; anti static and flame resistant; absolutely no waste problem, because completely decomposable; soft walking experience, underfoot comfort; provide sound proofing especially with wooden construction; balance room micro climate, insulate cold floors

All carpets are 100% new wool, without any chemical moth treatment. For shipping carpets treated with essential oils, which completely evaporates (you can also go without). Carpets up to 20 sq. meter in size can be laid on floor like rugs. Suitable for floor heating systems. Installation by stretching or gluing (only water-based like AURO natural adhesive).

Padding available seperately with either jute with horsehair or with camel hair ($6 sq. ft) or new attached wool padding to underside of carpet.

Primary backing: cotton and jute; secondary backing: jute. Width is 4.0 meters (+/- 1%), rolls are 25 meters long. There is a 10% discount for complete rolls. For office use, De or Yp are best.

Prices are in sq. meter (1.19 sq. yard). Also add $1.60 per sq. meter for natural moth protection with essential oils. Order are sent freight collect from Europe, customer specifies shipping methode (air or ship) i.e. shipping, any taxes and any fees paid by customer directly.

Sample set available for $200 deposit (refundable) and $19 shipping & handling (non-refundable).


Al	(950 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$87
	Color choices: salmon, bordeaux, cobalt, basalt gray; 8.5 mm thick; 

Be 	(1200 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$99
	Color choices: beige, steel, mustard, fraise; 12.5 mm thick; 
	loop count: 67000 per sq. mtr

De 	(930 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$89
	suitable also for office, stairs, rollers	
	Color choices: salmon, bordeaux, petrol, basalt; 7.5 mm thick; 
	loop count: 168000 per sq. mtr

Om 	(1150 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$97
	Color choices: beige, steel, petrol, lilac; 10.5 mm thick; 
	loop count: 46000 per sq. mtr

Yp 	(790 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$83
	suitable also for office, stairs, rollers 	
	Color choices: beige, steel, mustard, fraise; 6.5 mm thick; 
	loop count: 148000 per sq. mtr

Color explanation: beige = reddish-gray (12), steel = blue-gray (22), mustard = green-yellow (51), fraise = red-pink (41), salmon = lilac-green (14), bordeaux = wine-red (48), cobalt = violet (36), basalt = gray-green(24), petrol = green-gray (53)


Na 	(700 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$89
	4 mm thick; loop count: 85000 per sq. mtr

Ke 	(800 gr wool/ sq. mtr)				$97
	5 mm thick; loop count: 93000 per sq. mtr

the carpet styles Be, Yp and Om are also available natural dyed
natural dyed carpet color for Na and Ke is either light or medium beige; some colors are now also available (blue, red, gold, blue and green)


PA 	(715 gr wool/ sq. mtr), 			$105
	6.5 mm thick;  loop count: 107100 per sq. mtr

choice of colors are: walnut, reseda, madder, indigo; small variations in colors are possible through the use of natural coloring