Tapir Leather Care

A line of quality plant-based leather care - Made by the Tapir Wachsfarben Co. with high quality ingredients (totally non-petroleum, non-crude-oil, some ingredients organically grown). In the production and in the final product there is no destruction of the natural oil based carbon structure.

Shoe Polish

Gives shine and protection as well as feeds and maintains all smooth real leathers. Excellent water repellent and dirt - stain remover in clear, brown, red-brown, blue, black

0.0750 L (3.05 fl oz) for $3.50

Leather Balm

To protect from weather and maintain all leathers. Softens old and brittle leathers. Ideal for mountain boots, straps, motorcycle seats, harnesses and saddles. Solvent free.
0.0750 L (3.05 fl oz) for $4.90

Leather Oil

Cleans, feeds and maintains softness of all fine and thin leather products such as clothes, furniture, car seats, bags. Only slightly water repellent.
0.200 L (6.8 fl oz) for $7.45

Suede Care

To protect and maintain all velour, nubuck and other suede. Effective water repellent. The spray works by pump action, therefore 'ozone friendly'.
0.050 L (1.7 fl oz) for $9.80


Before using these leather care products always test them first on a hidden spot for compatibility.