Soaps and Cleaners

Here is a line of different plant based cleaners -
Made by AURO Organic Plant Chemistry with their high quality ingredients
(totally non-petroleum, non-crude-oil, many ingredients certified organically grown).

Dishwasher Powder

Naturally free of phosphates and chlorine. For units with built in water softener or soft water areas; 1-2 teaspoons per load
1.5 kg (3.3 lb.) for $10.60

Wool Wash Soap

Liquid soap especially suited for silk, woolen sweaters, clothing etc
0.5 L (17 fl oz) for $6.80
2.0 L (68 fl oz) for $19.80

All Purpose Cleaner

Liquid soap for cleaning almost all surfaces around your house
0.5 L (17 fl oz) for $4.80
2.0 L (68 fl oz) for $17.20

Bathroom Cleaner

No chlorine, for toilet bowls
0.5 L (17 fl oz) for $4.80

Laundry Soap

Liquid cleaner for light to medium soiled clothing
0.5 L (17 fl oz) for $4.80
2.0 L (68 fl oz) for $17.20

Hand Cleansing Paste

for those greasy car repair hands
0.5 kg (1.1 lb.) for $9.




Other products soon available include commercial engine cleaner, commercial kitchen cleaner for stainless steel surfaces and commercial metal degreaser. Samples $ 4.