Solar Powered Products

Ideas and products to use the power of the future. Free of charge and free of pollution

Solar Cooker

No fuel needed, cooks entirely with the power of the sun. Cooking range temperature 300 - 400 F. Can purify water and capable of sterilizing medical instruments.

weighs 21 lb., dimension 19" x 19" and 11" deep for $179.00

Solar lanterns

Portable solar lantern with one light tube (3 hrs full charge) for $75.50 or a model with 2 tubes (4 hrs full charge using both tubes) for $89.50 (deluxe model for $99.50)

Sun pack for Apple powerbooks

Neptune Power Pack

The KIS Solar System - Neptune offers solar technology for Apple PowerBook computers. This product consists of two flexible solar panels sewn into a durable and weather proof nylon carrying case. These two panels provide enough juice to run* any of the "all-in-one" PowerBooks (model numbers 100*, 140, 145, 150, 160, 165, 170, & 180**).
The two solar panels fold up easily, making this product perfect for carrying in a briefcase or computer carrying case.
The KIS Solar System - Neptune provides a ten foot cord, making it easy to place the panels in a sunny location while the user sits in the shade. KIS Solar System - Neptune is capable of running a PowerBook in full sunlight*, or recharging a PowerBook under cloudy skies. Most users experience at least three times normal battery runtime with a solar system If used with battery conservation a solar system can flat out run the following PowerBooks: 100, 145, 145b, 150, 160, 165, and 170. It will also extend the battery life on a 165c, 180, and 180c, but will not run them.

For non-Apple notebooks, the Mercury Sun Pack is also available

Sun pack PB is a pair of folding solar panel that given direct sunlight will keep the all-in-one laptop running indefinitely, size 13.5" x 7.5" (folded). For Apple Duos there is a similar model available.

Battery powered bicycles

Austrian made bicycles with battery powered motors, either front hubdrive (men) for $1288 or rear chain drive (women) for $1080, range about 18 miles; adapter kits for $710 also available


Energy efficient, very quiet, available in 12 VDC to hook up with solar cells, 24 VDC and 120 VAC models. Very well insulated, only one moving part, the compressor is top mounted. Made by a small company in Northern California. The model has 14.3 cu foot usable storage for only $1500.00 + actual shipping cost (trucking-paid by customer directly).