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Actual Colorbook for wall paints (No. 330) - $35

the real paint on textured natural wallpaper, 60 pages - on left side

Actual Colorbook for plant based lasur pigments (No. 360) - $20
the real plant lasur on textured natual wall paper on a white paint background, 20 pages - on right side

Wood Finishes (clear) and Natural Stains on wooden slat type display - $45 each
- special order only

color samples on wooden slats

Raw Material Set (0.05 l) - $25 each

a selection of our raw materials

Technical Information - Data Folder - $15

a selection of our raw materials

Printed Color Charts - $0.19 each

high quality printed color charts

please use our standard order form and add shipping & handling charges.
CA tax if sold within California only.