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Adobe - Southwestern homes and interiors of Taos, Santa Fe etc. Architecture that is a blend of Native, Mexican and Anglo influences - S. & L. Seth, hard cover - $33.25

The New Natural Housebook - A beautiful, lavishly illustrated handbook helping create a ecological sound home environment - D. Pearson - $17.60

Ceramic Houses & Earth Architecture
- Join in search, technical guidance and vision for cheap, durable, attainable housing.
I took his class some years ago at the edge of the Mojave Desert in California and this book is a great guide; it teaches you confidence in materials other than wood. I wish everyone the opportunity to this book and if possible to take his class.
- N. Khalili - $19.95

Ceramic Houses book cover

allergy-free gardening book cover Allergy-Free Gardening: A Revolutionary Guide to Healthy Landscaping
This is one of the only book I know of that ranks plants and trees according to the potential to create allergies.
- T. Ogren
- $19
The New Autonomous House
The experience with their actual dream house and living 'off the grid' - very current again with rising oil prices.
- Brenda and Robert Vale
- $31.95
new autonomous house book cover

Early Mexican Houses
- Recording of individual buildings through a mixed presentation of photos, measured drawings, floor plans and details - R Garrison etc. - $37.13

Complete Aromatherapy Handbook - Join in a journey through the wonderful fragrances of the plant kingdom - S. Fischer-Rizzi - $15.26

Earth Medicine Earth Food - Guide to the herbal remedies and wild plants of the North American Indians - M. Weiner - $12.00

Vegetarian Medicines - Become familiar with the therapeutic values of our everyday plant foods - C. Meyer - $7.80

American Folk Medicine - Find fold remedies used by Americans since the time of our Founding Fathers - C. Meyer - $10.80

Jeanne Rose's Herbal Body Book - A herbal way to natural beauty and health for men and women - J. Rose - $14.41

Ecologue - A buyers guide to environmentally safe products - B. Anderson - about $20.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

The Green Consumer - A everyday environmental shopping guide - J Elkington - about $15.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise - How to protect yourself and your family from harmful products and live in Harmony with the Earth - D. Dadd - about $19.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

Clean & Green - Many ways to clean, polish, disinfect, remove stains etc. without harming yourself or the environment - A. Berthold-Bond - $7.16

Whole Earth Ecologue - The best of environmental tools and ideas - J. Baldwin ed. - about $22.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

Gray Water Use in the Landscape - Save your landscape and water during droughts - R. Kourik - $7.85

The Book of Whole Meals - A seasonal guide to assembling balanced vegetarian breakfasts, lunches and dinners - A. Colbin - about $19.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

The Global Ecology Handbook - Practical supplement to the PBS series 'Race to save the planet' - The Global Tomorrow Coalition - about $27.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

Earth Right: Every Citizen's Guide - What you can do in your home, workplace and community to save the environment - P. Hynes - about $17.00 ! out of print; check with us !

American Pictures - A Dane's photographic shocking journey of the USA from 1971-76 - J. Holdt - $18.95

For Kids

Going Green - A children's handbook to saving the planet - J. Elkington & al. - about $15.00 ! out of print; check with us or Amazon !

Princess Smartypants - She doesn't want to get married; she'd rather live with her pets - B. Cole - $4.79

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People's Ears - An impressive folk tale well told with stunning illustrations - V. Aardema - $5.59

The Rough-Face Girl - From Algonquin Indian folklore a haunting, powerful version of Cinderella - R. Martin - $11.89